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The cat is out of the bag, the genie is out of the bottle, the toothpaste has been squeezed out of the tube.

Whichever metaphor you may prefer, home working is officially here to stay, 43 out of the top 50 companies in the UK has decided to give their employees the option to work in office or at home. The current pandemic has given many employers an insight into how their company is run, and and one that has stuck out like a sore thumb is the productivity that has risen since working from home. Statistically it has risen 47% since we have been working from home.

Casting your head back to before the pandemic, could you conceive  of a world in which we all worked from home? maybe a few of you worked remotely here and there but not the majority and definitely not everyday! The entire notion of the thought was never discussed.

However, as we always do throughout history, we have adapted to what we have been given. Granted, it may of been difficult adjusting after the first few months, especially for the ones with children, trying to juggle education and work at the same time, but overall, the forced experiment had surprisingly become a successful one, as mentioned before, many of the top companies have noticed the success and are giving employees a hybrid option of home and/or office, and i’m seeing more and more companies following suit, hot, sweaty and cramped train rides will be a thing of the past many people.

On the other side of this conversation, some people may actually prefer to still work in office, separating work life from home life. Whereas others will enjoy a daily commute down their stairs into an office or a garden shed.

The freedom to choose is important for a lot of people, and we anticipate allowing employees the freedom will improve efficiency, and personally i believe that they have earned this freedom, the trust placed in many employees has been returned ten-fold with increased productivity and efficiency.

Home working isn’t the perfect solution for everyone. There will still be employees who prefer operating from the traditional office, where they can discuss a difficult case, the latest raft of criteria being changed and what that means for their clients. Others will prefer an estate agency as they enjoy the camaraderie and the additional face-to-face meetings with clients.

After decades of having to work from an office, and then a year of being forced to work from home, the freedom to choose is a refreshing change.

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