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Get Fully Dressed

Do not wear a t-shirt or some casual wear, that will not make a good first impression with the interviewer/s. Make sure you wear a nice, ironed button down shirt with a tie or a formal plain top. It will show that you are prepared, ready and conscious about your self-image.

Make small talk

When you initiate an informal, polite conversation, it shows that you have a friendly intention and a desire for positive interaction. It can enable you to establish each other’s reputation and level of expertise. It also is a good way to fill the silence if there is any awkward or uncomfortable moments.

Try to make eye contact

Eye contact creates a bond between the speaker and the listener. When you look into the eyes, they are more than likely to look right at you, more likely to listen intently. Additionally focusing on the eyes can help calm your nerves and clear your mind, it helps project confidence.

Check your Wi-Fi to avoid technical difficulties

One of the worst things that can happen is that you have lousy connection or none at all, you don’t want to be halfway through the interview and the connection drop off, or try to talk and they are unable to hear you. Which could prompt them to either restart the whole interview, re-arrange the interview as they may have other interviews to do, or not bother entirely.

Confirm the date/time and zoom link before hand

You do not want to be late to your first interview it can create a bad first impression for your interviewer/s. Being there on time or even a few minutes before gives a brilliant first impression, shows you are punctual, getting their a few minutes early will also give you a chance to breath and calm your nerves. You will be ready at the same time as the interviewee and able to sort any notes you may have and get them in order.

Follow up after the interview

After the interview a good little tip is to send a thank you note/e-mail, thanking them for their time today, adding in one specific thing from the interview that day or something new you learnt about the organization and then finally mentioning that you’re looking forward to hear from them. If you do not hear from them by the date they gave you, then don’t send an e-mail/note straight away, they may still be vetting other candidates or there may be a chance that you didn’t get the job and they are waiting to hear from them, there is a chance they may not take the job so do not worry just be patient. After a few more days send them a follow up and express your interest and excitement about the job role, say something positive about the organization and ask if there’s any additional information you can provide and that you’re looking forward to hearing from them. Hopefully from there you will get the job.Good luck!

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