I have recently been searching for a new job, and put my CV on Monster and Reed. I (fortunately) had dozens and dozens of phone calls from recruitment consultants on the back of this. They turned out to fall into three categories: A – Make one phone call, don’t seem to ask too many questions, and are never heard from again. B – Call incessantly and try to either put you with another employer exactly the same as the one you already have, or lever you into the role that they are looking after. C – Actually take the time to listen to what your plans and preferences are, and work to achieve what you are after. Without doubt Bryn falls into category C. Of the many many people I spoke to he was one of the very few who actually sounded like he knew what he was talking about. Many of the others would talk a good game, but deliver very little. Bryn is not like this at all. He had many good contacts who, when I met them, thought very highly of him. I would recommend Bryn to anyone who needs a career change within the financial services industry, and in fact I have already passed h.

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