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Why and how this may be the best year in record since 2007.

According to Zoopla, the number of properties sold this year is set to reach the highest level since the global financial crisis. These projections come forth as the latest house price index shows that asking prices have increased 4.1%, which reaches up to the asking point of £228,300, which is a significant rise. Additionally, home sales are right on track to hit 1.52m this current year which is a staggering 45% rise from the 1.05m from 2020 as predicted by property portal.

What does it mean for the people working in mortgage related jobs?

The increase in properties sold means there will be alot more work available for mortgage and property advisors alike. Unfortunately, this can become overwhelming for big and small business, so the need for new fresh mortgage brokers has risen right alongside the property sales, the influx in job offers for CeMAP qualified trainee mortgage brokers is outstanding and for anyone looking to enter the world of financial services, now is the time.

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